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Welcome to Nature Gallery.  This site supplies free resources to wildlife organisations, helping them with their educational and promotional work on behalf of our wildlife.  All the material on this site is free of charge to any recognised wildlife organisation. 

Images, articles and even blog entries can all be used.  If you represent a recognised wildlife group and would like to use something from this site please email me citing the image number or article/blog title and I will send you high resolution versions of the material without watermarks and copyright notices splashed across them. 

If you do not represent a wildlife organisation the usual copyright applies.  You can still request the material but a charge will be made for its use.  Please email me for more details.

This site was inspired by the work of SEEING ( to which I also supply images.  I try to obtain as broad a coverage of UK species as I can but, at the end of the day, I am just a single individual and SEEING contains the work of several photographers.  If you cannot find what you need here take a look at the SEEING website as you may well find what you need there.  Having said that you are also welcome to email me as I have many images that are not on this site and I may be able to help.  I also welcome any suggestions for the site you may have.

It's great to be able to use my photos on behalf of the wildlife that gives me so many hours of interest and fun.  I really enjoy getting the images with which to populate this site and I hope you enjoy looking through them.




If you have visited this site before it may look a little strange to you.  This is because my old site got hacked and then (within 24hrs) hacked again.  You'd think people could find something better to do with their time!  Anyway, not having the techie know-how to deal with this kind of thing, I decided to start afresh.  I've moved away from the CMS I was using and started building something that I hope will endure a little better.


Please bear with me while I get the site back up to full strength.  Search results may be a little odd at the moment.  I'm working on it but it's a long job.  If you are getting odd results please let me know and I'll create some custom saved searches for you.