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Terms of Use


Images and text from this site may be used and reproduced without charge by wildlife charities (and other not-for-profit organisations working on behalf of wildlife) provided that the following conditions are met:

  • Any organisation using an image or text from this site must credit the image and/or text to Sherie New /  This credit should be clearly presented but need not be next to the image/text itself should design considerations make that impracticable.
  • Cropping of images and extracts from text are fine but images should be reproduced faithfully and in good quality and the original spirit of the text must be retained.   Any alteration to content from this site (including cropping of images and abbreviations of text) should be agreed with Sherie New before the content is used.
  • Organisations using images/text must not pass this content on to third parties without the prior written agreement of Sherie New.
  • Organisations agree that they accrue no rights regarding the images/text they use and that copyright of all content on this site (images, text and layout) remains with Sherie New.
  •  Organisations using images/text must accept that and its owner Sherie New are not liable for any loss or damage in connection with their use of content from this site.
  • Any organisation using images/text from this site agrees to provide Sherie New with a copy of their finished publication.  Digital or print is fine but in all cases organisations should email Sherie New using the contact details on this site to establish a means of forwarding a copy of the finished publication to her.


Copyright and terms and conditions stuff splashed across websites can get very tedious so I've tried to keep mine to a minimum.  I think it is all fairly commonsense stuff.  The aim is simply to provide use of the material to the organisations I want to be able to benefit from it while protecting the ownership of the work.  I hope you will agree that asking for a credit to be attached to the content is a small price to pay for the use of anything on this site.  As for asking that a finished copy of the publication to be forwarded to me - admittedly that does give my ego a boost but it also enables me to publicise this site to other organisations which could benefit from it.